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Work Packages

Work Package 1 - Project and Technical Management

The FERMI project will be managed by a broad and effective management structure, facilitated by an appointed Project Coordinator (PC) and Steering Committee (SC). Technical and Innovation strategic steering will be provided to define the project's overall strategy and roadmap by the Technical Manager. Quality Control, Risk Management and Contingency Planning will be in line with ISO 9004:2018 and 27001 regulations, while Data management and legal compliance will ensure compliance with EU legal frameworks and the development of a data management plan. Finally, monitoring of research ethics will provide an internal protocol for ethical procedures, with internal monitoring and evaluation reported during the project's interim and final reports.

Lead partner: Hochschule Fur Den Offentlichen Dienst In Bayern

Work Package 2 - FERMI touchbase: Societal landscape, Technology convergence and end users' needs

Work package 2 is focused on gaining insight into the LEA specificities for the realization of the FERMI framework and synthesizing and presenting the progress of available tools and technologies. In order to do that, the tasks that will be undertaken include: Updating and finetuning end users' needs in order to understand their needs; setting the baseline of societal readiness and digital trust; translating the functional requirements into technical specifications and a refined architectural design; use cases' refinement and pathway towards FERMI validation. The outputs of these tasks will include the FERMI updated and finetuned needs of LEAs, the project's societal landscape and baseline towards digital trust, the updated FERMI conceptual architecture and refined technological and functional requirements, and the FERMI experimentation protocol. This will ensure the successful development of the FERMI framework for the protection of fundamental rights and democratic values.

Lead partner: Netcompany-Intrasoft S.A.

Work Package 3 - FERMI Core Technology Offerings

This work package focuses on developing various tools to combat disinformation and its associated offline crimes, as well as building a model to increase community resilience. The FERMI disinformation & fake news induced and-nabled offline crimes analysis and prediction tool will use micro-level data and AI-based predictions to identify and deploy relevant security measures. The Disinformation Sources & Spread Analysis and Impact Assessment tool will trace and map news to their creators and accounts responsible for their spread, and classify them as physical persons or bots. The community resilience management modeler will be developed using participatory techniques and ISO standards, and will be available in the cloud. A Swarm Learning framework will be developed to train Machine Learning models near data sources, and a permissioned blockchain network will be used for onboarding and sharing. Finally, a sentiment analysis module will use the BERT model with NLP tasks to further analyze posts from social media accounts. All of these tools will be included in the FERMI technology facilitators and behaviour analyses and community resilience facilitators packages.

Lead partner: Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore

Work Package 4 - User Interface and Platform Integration

Work package 4 focuses on setting up a Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) environment together with functional testing and monitoring of the FERMI platform. Additionally, it includes the development of the FERMI Decision Support enabler to provide tailored decision support to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) officers; a socioeconomic Disinformation & Fake News Watch (D&FN Watch) to enhance community resilience; and user interfaces, visualisation and reporting techniques. The CI/CD environment will unify the outcomes of the developed components and services, identify and specify integration points, and describe the envisioned releases. Functional testing and monitoring entails integration and system tests to test the FERMI platform and verify correct system-level operation and functionality. The user interfaces, visualisation and reporting techniques will design user-friendly interfaces to deliver knowledge created by the FERMI solution. The output of work package 4 will be the FERMI final integrated solution (D4.1)

Lead partner: Information Technology For Market Leadership

Work Package 5 - Pilot Demonstration and Validation Campaign

Work package 5 ensures the efficient execution of the cases by aligning project activities with the early experimentation protocol. It undertakes preparatory actions such as execution time plans, evaluation scenarios, and selection of framework tools to be tested. Additionally, this work packages maintains a close collaboration with security practitioners and operational human resources involved in the FERMI project. In this sense it creates a set of multi-dimensional training packages for law enforcement agencies and security practitioners as well as online and offline training courses and seminars based on the FERMI platform. Lastly, work package 5 evaluates the pilot through the use of Key Performance Indicators and an impact analysis. This will help to determine the success of the project in achieving its goals.

Lead partner: Ianus Consulting Ltd

Work Package 6 - Outreach management, exploitation and maximization of digital trust

Work package 6 aims to develop a communication and dissemination strategy and material to reach the EU arena; disseminate the project results to relevant stakeholders; set up an efficiency measurement system to monitor FERMI; establish policy, legislation and standardisation monitoring mechanisms for the project alignment; and deliver awareness raising and training sessions towards increasing digital trust of the EU citizens. The project will include activities such as participation in conferences, publications in journals, active presence of FERMI in electronic and social media, targeted contacts, and presentations to potential customers. It will also involve creating a business, operational and technological transfer plan; collaboration across projects; and a multi-actor collaboration framework. Lastly, the project will create policy recommendations, operational standards, and organisational protocols to establish a socio-political framework for FERMI to provide the greatest societal benefit.

Lead partner: The Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness asbl

Work package 7 - Ethics Requirements

The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package.

Lead partner: Hochschule Fur Den Offentlichen Dienst In Bayern



Leadership Team

Project coordinator
Sven-Eric Fikenscher - Hochschule fur den Offentlichen Dienst in Bayern

Technical manager
George Bravos - Information Technology for Market Leadership

Dissemination manager
Francesco Mureddu - The Lisbon Council

Quality manager

Legal and ethical partner
KU Leuven