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Description of the project

FERMI is a three-years long project funded by the European Union flagship research and innovation programme Horizon Europe. The project consortium consists of 17 organisations leaders in criminology, social sciences, public policy, technological development, innovation management and law enforcement agencies.


Online social networks, news media and web platforms have become integral to our society, yet they are also a breeding ground for disinformation and fake news (D&FN). These dangerous messages, which can come from trustable sources, are used to spread false information and displace attention away from true news. They also create echo chambers of extreme viewpoints, potentially leading to religious fundamentalism, radicalization, and even physical violence.

Governments and institutions are recognizing the danger of disinformation and fake news, as it creates fear and instability, increases divisions, and puts citizens in danger. But disinformation and fake news are also evolving and becoming more sophisticated, with the use of fake accounts, AI-generated content, and bots to spread their messages at scale. It is important that we all recognize the potential of disinformation and fake news and take steps to tackle it.

Vision & Mission

To counteract this problem, new tools are being developed to detect and highlight malicious content, and verify online sources. However, beyond detecting fake news online, there is also a need to understand the physical risks posed by disinformation and fake news and the related cost of extremism. By predicting who the victims and targets of crimes are, who the authors are, and what the context and environment are, European Police Authorities and other stakeholders can take measures to reduce the impact of disinformation and fake news in the online and offline world.

Fermi is an initiative to help society fight disinformation and fake news. It will provide tools and services to enhance their capabilities to analyze large amounts of data in near-real-time. It also emphasizes upskilling of officers and active involvement of citizens, voluntary organizations, and communities. It will include info days, training sessions, and clear strategies to ensure that the outcomes are adopted by stakeholders. With FERMI, law enforcement and the entire society will be able to better handle the challenges of a digitalized world.



Analyse the direct risks posed by D&FN to the offline world and minimise the impact


Design training and education material for European Police Authorities, other professionals and stakeholders, and EU citizens Facilitate the EU LEAs and (social) media organizations in the combat against disinformation and fake news


Realize technological breakthroughs towards a society more resilient to fake news and disinformation


Realise accurate risk modelling and assessment, optimized decision support for LEAs to mitigate that risks


Improve understanding of the cultural and societal aspects of D&FN based on thorough behavioural analyses